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Lesego Maloka - Director

Lesego Maloka is a creative, modern African textile designer on a mission to spark joy through colour and heritage.
Watching her late grandmother work as a seamstress and knitter sparked her interest in fabric at a young age.
Her curiosity and creativity matured as she grew up in the colourful, eclectic home that her mother put together, using beautiful homeware and linen.
After a few years of working in various art departments within the film industry, she finished her interior decorating studies and started experimenting with her own African-inspired fabric designs.
The excitement with which these were received accelerated her work from simple notebooks to full-fledged carpets and she has featured in major design shows in South Africa.
Deeply rooted in her mother’s and grandmother’s influences, her brand Pone Creatives was born.
Today Lesego specializes in jacquard weaving her textiles for home furnishings to create colourful, heritage loving homes.